CT scan large animals

In computer tomography (CT) X-rays rotate around the patient to make cross sections of the body. The technique is mainly used for examining the head (teeth/sinus), the neck and the limbs (joints, tendons and for complicated fractures).

The examination takes about 30 to 60 minutes. The scanning itself only takes a couple of seconds.

We usually scan the animal in an upright position under sedation when examining the head and the upper part of the neck. Other examinations are carried out under general anaesthesia. As of 2022 it will be possible to examine limbs of horses in an upright position as well.

Device in our clinic:

  • Canon, Aquilion One Vision - installed in March 2020.

CT is recommended for:

  • Diagnostics of disorders of the head (dental root pathology, injuries in the sinus, …)
  • Diagnostics of the neck
  • Diagnostics of complicated fractures of the distal limbs
  • Diagnostics of injuries of the joints and tendons (especially in the foot)