LASER is short for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emitted Radiation”. Just like with ultrasound, waves are used to stimulate the cells. Contrary to ultrasound, laser makes use of light waves. LASER light waves operate on the power stations (mitochondrion) of the cells. Equal to several other physiotherapeutic techniques the body still has to do most of the work, but we can certainly lend a helping hand. Depending on the frequency of the light waves, different tissues are stimulated.
Large wounds will heal more quickly when using LASER-treatment. Rehabilitation of specific nervous disorders will be faster after LASER treatment.

LASER always gives off heat. Therefore it is an excellent supporting therapy for animals with chronic joint pain.

Indicative price (prices are subject to changes and depend on the specific programme)

Physio consultation LASER:

Physio pass (6 sessions): € 366