Medical imaging small animals (vet)

The department of Medical Imaging has five European specialists in the field of Veterinary Medical Imaging (ECVDI diplomates). They educate and train six ECVDI residents in training: 4 in the field of small pets and two in the field of large animals. The department also has two vets trained in veterinary nuclear medicine and several other veterinarians with various fields of expertise.

You can make an appointment directly. For small pets with serious thoracic or abdominal disorders or complaints it is not possible to make an appointment directly. Our clinic is not properly equipped to take optimal care of these patients. Please contact our emergency (T 09 264 76 95) or our department of internal medicine (T 09 264 77 00) in these cases.

Important guidelines

Please make sure the animals are sober when you present them. Often sedation or complete anesthesia are necessary for medical imaging research.

Do you already have radiographics or results of other medical imaging techniques? Please send the images or results in advance to Please mention the name of the owner, the name of the animal and the date of your appointment.

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