Nutritional advice and information for horses

Scientifically proven nutritional advice for

  • healthy (sport) horses
  • horses suffering from specific problems or disorders

The department of nutritional advice can advise you in the following cases:

  • gastrointestinal disorders: colic, gastric ulcers, diarrhea
  • laminitis - obesity - insulin resistance - equine metabolic syndrome
  • muscle problems (RER, PSSM)
  • liver and kidney problems
  • dental problems
  • motherless raising of foal
  • food allergy

It is very important to set up a correct food scheme for healthy horses like foal, broodmares and old horses. In this way the horse can stay healthy and obesity, underweight, colics or OCD can be avoided.

Especially for sport horses, a balanced ration makes sure that the horse can deliver the expected performance. Depending on the discipline and level we gladly advise you on the possibilities to use different energy sources such as carbohydrates and fats in several proportions.

For horses that suffer from specific diseases or problems adapting the ration is an important, if not the most important, part of the treatment plan.

How we work

After a thorough interview we analyze the current feeding schedule and ration. We then advise you on the concentrate feeds and roughage and optimize the ration.

All nutritional advice is drawn up in consultation with you and your referring veterinarian. We work completely independently: if possible we continue to work with your current feed materials.

Advice or more information

Please contact us by email or telephone +0032 (0)9 264 78 26 if you need specific nutritional advice or should you have a food related question.

You can also send us an email ( with a completed food anamnesis form (pdf at the bottom of this page). Based on this information we can already draw up nutritional advice. We deliver specific nutritional advice within two weeks after we have received a thoroughly completed form.

Roadmap: which information do we need?

  • step 1: please take pictures of your horse(s), the meadow and the roughage
  • step 2: take the measurements of the chest girth of your horse
  • step 3: determine the body condition score of your horse
  • step 4: weigh all feed with a pair of scales (please weigh in kilogram, not in shovels)
  • step 5: consult your veterinarian
  • step 6: download the nutritional history form and fill it out completely
  • step 7: send the form to or to Dienst paardenvoeding, Heidestraat 19, 9820 Merelbeke

Indicative prices

The price for complete and extensive nutritional advice is 145 euros (VAT extra).

It is also possible to receive concise nutritional advice at a reduced rate. In this case we do not execute extensive calculations or research; however you do receive a lot of practical tips and tricks and some elementary calculations.

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