Nutritional advice for healthy animals

Every new stage in life in healthy dogs and cats demands nutritional adaptations. Your pet's accommodation and activity also play an important role in nutritional management. The current offer in food products can sometimes make it hard to make the right choice for a pet.

We gladly advise you on:

  • Puppies/kittens (e.g. we also offer growth curves and food adaptations for puppies to prevent orthopaedic disorders)
  • Gestation
  • Lactation
  • Senior dogs/cats
  • Sport dogs/working dogs
  • Adult animals

Indicative price

For puppies/kittens, gestation and lactation: € 115 (including VAT)

For adult, senior dogs/cats and sport dogs: standard advice with commercial food: € 85 (including VAT)

Are you interested in giving your pet a homemade diet? Please find more information and prices here.

How do we work?

Please fill out the form about the nutritional history and accommodation of the pet (in pdf at the bottom of this page) and send it to :

  • We evaluate the current nutrition.
  • We give advice to possibly switch over to a different nutritional product if necessary and always in close consultation with the owner or vet.
  • We make a calculation of the required nutritional quantities based on the individual needs of the pet.
  • We provide regular follow-up and nutritional adjustments if necessary (this might imply extra costs).