Nutrition small pets

Scientifically based and tailored nutritional advice for:

  • healthy pets (nutritional management)
  • pets with a disorder or complaints

There is a wide variety of situations when nutritional support is needed for a pet.

This obviously is the case for pets that are suffering from an illness or disease, that are refusing the prescribed diet or of which the results are not satisfactory. Our team can work out an individualized nutritional advice for your pet – based on his/her clinical condition, comorbidities and specific requirements.

Additionally we provide nutritional support in weight loss management, and will guide you through the process by close follow-up.

But even if your pet is healthy and is in a specific life stage, we can find the best solution for a specific goal should you need more information or nutritional support (growth, gestation, senior pets or working dogs).

There are many feeding regimes available for pets (e.g. a variety of commercial formulas or alternative feeding approaches as a balanced homemade diet) – we can provide detailed information about each of them and choose the right one for your pet.

You can find more detailed information and prices within the different options on this web page.

How to make an appointment?

1. Call us (T 0032 (0)9 264 77 00) or send us an email ( We will contact you asap.

2. Did you make an appointment? We will send you a link with a nutritional questionnaire to be filled out.