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Our clinic has an excellent reputation throughout Europe for diagnosing and resolving lameness problems. We treat frequent lameness issues as well as very complex diagnoses. This usually means that we keep on looking for the exact cause and this might mean that quite some examinations and costs are made. We always start with the simplest techniques (radiography, ultrasound, ...) but it is possible that more specialized techniques are necessary to make a final diagnosis (CT, MRI, scintigraphy, ...).

Within our clinic we have excellent and thorough knowledge of the following disorders and techniques:

Practical tips when you come for a consultation

Do you have an appointment at the department of Orthopedics? Please take into account the following:

  • Always bring your dog or cat's passport.
  • Please make sure your animal has not been fed after 10pm the night before the procedure or consultation.
  • Did your pet already undergo radiography or other imaging techniques or have you already received a report from your own vet? Please take them with you at the time of the appointment or send us the results and scans prior to your appointment at doorverwijzen@gmail.com and mention the following:
    • the name of the animal
    • the name of the owner
    • the date of your appointment
  • If no (recent) images or pictures are available, new scans or pictures will probably have to be taken.
  • If your pet is taking any medication, you can continue to give the medication. Please do not forget to mention this during your appointment.
  • You can pay cash or with bank card after the appointment or the examinations.

Indicative prices orthopedics

Warning! The prices mentioned are only indicative. Every case is different and the exact estimate of the price can only be made after accurate evaluation of the animal and its condition.

Consultation (possible sedation and scan not included): +/- € 150

Exploratory surgery/Arthroscopy: depends on the disorder, the imaging techniques that have to be carried out and the number of joints.

Arthroscopy 1 joint diagnostic: +/- € 1.200

Arthroscopy 1 joint treatment: +/- € 1.800

Arthroscopy 2 joints treatment: +/- 2.800

Surgery of the cruciate ligament

Simple technique: +/- € 1.200

Osteotomy technique (TTA Rapid, TPLO, CBLO): +/- € 2.400

Patella surgery: +/- € 1.800 - 2.200

Removal of the femoral head : +/- € 1.200

All surgery is performed with the utmost care and sterility by our specialized team.