Nutrition small pets (vet)

Dog and cat owners can come to us for nutritional support and advice. We have nutritional expertise on both healthy and sick animals that need a special diet as part of their treatment.

In the case of sick animals we always work closely together with the referring veterinarian. In order to develop an optimal advice we need the results of clinical research and other examinations. Please provide the owner with this information or forward it to us directly at

In some cases a specific diet will be the only treatment (e.g. obesity, food allergy or food intolerance). In a lot of other cases a specific diet will constitute an important part of the treatment. By combining the medical treatment and a specific diet, the change of success increases a lot.

When can you refer your patient to us?

You can refer a healthy or sick patient to us for nutritional advice when you don't find a solution or when you simply don't have the time to answer food related questions. In this case we are more than happy to take up this task and we will make sure we refer a satisfied client back to you afterwards.

What can you expect from us?

A cooperation with us means you gain time and the owner receives an individual, independent and a high-quality nutritional advice. Our nutritional veterinarians are supervised by two European specialists in animal nutrition (ECVCN diplomates).

We compare different diets, we contact the manufacturer if necessary and we compose the best individual diet for your patient (nutrition and nutritional management) We carry out the necessary calculations and take ample time to answer all food related questions of the owner. If a commercial diet forage is chosen, we refer the owner back to you to do the final purchase.

If follow-up is needed, this can take place either in your practice or at the faculty after consultation between you and the owner.

How do you refer a patient to us?

Our department always works by appointment. Appointments can be made according to availability from Mondays till Fridays preferably between 8 and 12 a.m. In some cases you do not need to come to the faculty and we can work together by phone, video call or email.

Vets can always contact us by email for short, general questions and issues: